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Theros Beyond Death Prerelease - Saturday 12PM - 2HG

Theros Beyond Death Prerelease - Saturday 12PM - 2HG

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    Join us at CCG2 for one (or more!) of our six Prerelease Weekend events for your first taste of Theros: Beyond Death (THB). We'll be cracking our first packs on Friday, instead of our usual FNM events! Preregister online or in-store to secure your spot! If you'd like to preregister for any of our events, you can do so here: http://www.campuscardsandgames2.com/catalog/events/9623 Buy in: $25 gets you everything you need to play, PLUS prize support! *6 THB booster packs *1 Randomized date-stamped foil promo card of a Rare or Mythic *1 Spindown life counter Structure: 4 rounds, Swiss pairing Prizes (based on win-loss record): 4-0: 8 Packs of THB 3-0-1: 6 Packs of THB 3-X: 4 Packs of THB 2-X: 2 Packs of THB 1-X: 1 Pack of THB 0-X: 1 Pack of THB Events: Fri. 1/17 @ 7 PM Fri. 1/17 @ 11:59 PM, Sat. 1/18 @ 12 PM, Two-Headed Giant Sat. 1/18 @ 5 PM Sun. 1/19 @ 12 PM, Two-Headed Giant Sun. 1/19 @ 5 PM